Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sands of Time

I once saw an edifice,
On the black sands of time,
Looming against the horizon,
Majestic as if in prime
A closer inspection laid bare that facade
The monument, with its glory, was a thing of the past
The buttresses and crenellations,
All fallen to disrepair,
Whilst the halls themselves echoed,
Silent footsteps of despair,
Empty it stood, this once-grand design,
Empty and forlorn, on the black sands of time...
I wonder at its origins,
At the hands that had built,
A construct for eternity,
They thought would never wilt,
I laugh at their hubris,
As I build my own shrine,
Using as foundation those crumbled stones,
Strewn upon the black sands of time...

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