Monday, 1 June 2015

Walk with Me

To the fickle rain, which threatens to fall and yet doesn't. To those wonderful walks in the rain, that we always talk about but never take:

Walk with me a moment, walk with me in the rain
Through the sunshine of happiness, through the dark clouds of pain
Come, let us walk together, holding each other in our arms
To ward off the loneliness, the doubts, the qualms
Walk with me as a lover; walk with me as a friend
Walk with me a moment, walk with me in the rain
Come with me, leave the world behind
Leave behind past transgressions, the hurts of every kind
Leave behind the confessions; we don’t need them where we go
Let yourself drift in the currents, give yourself up to the flow
Let the tide wash us ashore, some place unknown in infinity
Let us capture in this instant, the entire eternity
So come, walk with me, let the sounds of this world fade and wane
Walk with me a moment, walk with me in the rain...


  1. I'm not fully comfortable with 'qualms' there. That said, in all the utter nonsense that passes for poetry, to find something like this is like manna in the desert. Terrific!

  2. Yes, how we wish the rains really fall and such Walks real happen.....Walks which consume and celebrate the fullness of the present moment and take us to this unknown terrain....Wonderful! Could really connect with the feeling.....Thanks for sharing...:-)