Thursday, 12 February 2015

Autumn for life

The swamps dry up, the sky turns a lovely shade of blue, flowers blossom and the rivers clear. The cool wind blows as green leaves turn brown before falling to the ground.  The sun shines bright, and a crisp breeze gusts through, ruffling the yellow cornstalks. Yellow appears as the order of the day; it is the time to harvest. Autumn is nature in bliss; it is the end and it is the beginning. It is the time to be reacquainted with your inner self, a time to forget and recover. It is the time to rejuvenate in the season which is the epitome of change.
Make way for something new, something different, something beautiful; something you have not done for a long while. Go for a walk on a carpet of leaves, shedding your past like the leaves of a tree. Take a swim in a clear river under the beautiful blue sky, let the breeze caress your skin; let it awaken the lost spirit, that forgotten bit of you. Take a leap of faith off the highest cliff and dive into the deepest fathoms to find the treasures hidden inside you. Lose yourself in nature, and find yourself anew – remade, reformed.
Run – run as you’ve never run before, through the fields and over the hills. Harvest the positivity and indulge yourself in introspection; find what is best about you. Burst forth with laughter in this season of festivities and dance on the bones of your gloomy memories; it is the season to rejoice.

Go for a hike in the flirtatious wind; lose your heart and lose yourself in the pleasures of life. Experience the excitement and passion to the fullest, as if there was no tomorrow. In the season of fall, enjoy the gift of life; fall in love – with yourself, with nature, with everyone around you.

But as with all good things, the autumn will not last forever. It is the nature’s way of saying that all beauty will scatter, that everything shall have to end. Make the most of it in full bloom while you can, or wait too long and see it all fade away into nothingness; the promise is always there, the promise of returning one day. Every facet, every aspect of this wonderful season teaches us something – something about ourselves, about the world, about the essence of life itself. Autumn is the nature’s way of marking the importance of change; before you reap, you will have to shed it all.

Autumn is the essence of life; it marks a vital variation. It is the chance, it is an option. It can be beautiful, it may be frightful; it can be inspiring and it can be melancholic. There are no pauses, no rewinds; nothing ever changes, and yet nothing is ever left the same. Change is the only constant, change is the only eternal. It is death, it is life; it is everything in between. So accept it, embrace it, live it; you are a part of it and you have a part to play.

Bhavesh Guliani (Main article plot)

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  1. ode to the west wind + a lot of english movies lol nice work